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I started out programming driven by the desire to create my own video games. After getting an RSI and spending years studying other things, I came back to programming to try building a new form of text editor that would be efficient to use with hand-tracking sensors. The result was Tiled Text. (I later discovered this 'new form' was something called a structure editor.)

My experience building Tiled Text got me interested in programming tools and inspecting the foundations of how we build software. It also got me generally interested in deep human-computer interaction problems, where it's necessary to invent something new that bridges humans to some software system. I find those problems appealing both on the purely conceptual side, and on the engineering side.

I mostly grew up in Colorado, but after spending a couple years each in San Francisco and Boston working for startups, I now reside in Tucson, AZ. I've spent the past couple years working on a contract basis for various clients, primarily developing 3D graphics-centered web apps, doing research and developing algorithms loosely in the domain of computational geometry.

-Weston Beecroft

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